Suru++ Project

Why Suru++?

As Sam Hewitt has restricted the third party icons in his original project of Suru icons, and as his project is under GPL3, we are allowed to derive and create the project, following his grid rules, but have replaced his original Suru colours palette for a new cyberpunk, futuristic and modern colours palette. The new design of icons themes is inspired by Papirus (mainly), La Capitaine, Numix and Breeze icons themes.

Design Guidelines

Discover new colours palettes, based on the original Sam Hewitt's Suru icons project, but with a new cyberpunk, elegant, futuristic and modern touch, for creating your own icons. You also will learn to follow the grid rules based on his original project.

Suru++ Icon Sets

Totally compatible with 11 desktop environments, including We introduce the family of Suru++ icons themes for you to try on your Linux desktop!